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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Challenges seek leaders

“Challenges seek out leaders, when opportunity knocks you need to be ready to respond.” Paul Servos, TACTIX Leadership Inc.

Move your stakeholders

Good leaders understand their stakeholders, they map their level of influence and their attitude to the project then design interventions to move them to where they need them to be. Paul Servos, TACTIX Leadership Inc.

First shoot bullets then cannon balls during turbulent times, Great By Choice, Collins & Hansen.

In turbulent times risk needs to be managed? Does your organization have a risk management statement?

Destroy routines

Leaders seek to destroy routines, although these are important if they are the right ones, it is the leader’s function to make the determination.

Thrive in change

Those that monitor and act in the face of change thrive, Who Moved My Cheese, Johnson.

The world is changing quickly around us and the monitoring of this is more vital than ever for all organizations.

Spider trap for fundraising

The spiders at the bottom of the children’s slide hope to capture the baby using it, although optimistic of the big score they are not facing reality, we must face our ability and constraints realistically.