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Monthly Archives: September 2012


Courage mounteth with occasion. Shakespeare

People are irrational

People are irrational and structures that organize them must account for that. In Search of Excellence, Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman Jr.

Dropping old ideas

I wish my mind could drop its dead ideas as the tree does its withered leaves.  Andre’ Gide

Lessons from defeat

There can be no honour in a sure success, but much can be wrestled from a sure defeat. Lawereance of Arabia

Good beginnings

Start with a good beginning and its’s surprising how the rest falls into place.

Clinging to acheivements

Don’t cling to your achievements, they grow moldy and start to stink. Throw them away and make a fresh batch.

Some managers approach when things get tough

“Your not good your just know how to hide.” Al Pacino in Scarface (83)

Change in mid-stream

It’s best not to swap horses when crossing streams.  Abraham Lincoln

Change makes enemies

If you want to make enemies try changing something. Woodrow Wilson

Seekers of power

Why is it that people desperate for power are the least suited to use it?