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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Pushing harder

We push harder when we have something to push against.

Don’t chase shinny objects

Don’t chase shinny objects. When you are a swamp shark under a boat looking for a meal there are many fishermen in the boat tossing out shinny lures/objects to chase. The problem is that if you chase them all you may never catch one and all you do is thrash around. Paul Servos, TACTIX Leadership Inc.



Have no companions not equal to yourself. Confucius

Test of strenght

Being right in an unpopular cause is one of the toughest tests of our strength.

Learning organizations

Organizations compete by learning faster than their counterparts. Learning Organizations, Peter Senge

Onlooker perspective

It is good to remember that onlookers have a clearer view of the game than the players.

The source of skill

Skill to do comes from doing.  Ralph Waldo Emerson.