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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Game Theory

“The key lesson of game theory is to put yourself in the other player’s shoes.”  Dixit and Nalebuff, The Art of Strategy.

Need a new strategy, appoint a new leader?

The appointment of a new leader, especially one from outside the organization, triggers a comprehensive review and a transformational update of existing strategy. New leaders frequently are summoned to deal with burning platforms, but leadership changes have become the norm in organizations, including the public sector, where new civilian leaders are appointed after elections, and in the military, where leaders have limited-term tenure. From the Execution Premium, Robert Kaplan and David Norton, 2008 p. 63.

Leaders that have different beliefs and values to that of the organization they lead may no longer be a fit. As organizations evolve a once good fit can change. This often is the fate of the transformational leader. To often today, boards will change the leader rather than do the hard work to asses the shift that is occurring in the organization’s culture or environment. We increasingly live in a toss it away for new world.

Difference of opinion

As Mark Twain observed, it is difference of opinion that makes a horse race. It underpins many other human pursuits too.