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  Our Promise

TACTIX promises Boards that they can count on us to guide transformational strategy formation and execution that is practical, relevant to the organization’s current reality, and that yields measureable results.

TACTIX promises those confronting special interest group opposition to their project that they can count on us to guide strategy formulation and execution that engages your stakeholders and builds support for your story.


  Mission Statement

TACTIX Leadership Inc.’s mission is to improve the capacity of Associations large or small. We provide guidance to Association leaders to develop and implement transformational strategy and to execute tactics.

  Our Service Differentiation

TACTIX’s principle consultant Paul Servos has organizational intuition based on:

  • a record of success producing turn-around results
  • participation experience in hundreds of Association Board meetings and decision processes
  • management experience in multiple governance structures
  • involvement in a diverse range of business activity and programming in the leisure and marine tourism sectors
  • experience as a Director on local, Provincial, National and International Boards
  • over 20 years of hands-on experience as an Executive Director and CEO
  • a small business owner and manager
  • trained as a consultant and facilitator

  Guiding Principles

We commit to maintain the highest standard of conduct as outlined by the Canadian Society of Association Executives .

We commit to maintaining professional education of our team in order to deliver for our customers the leading best practices in the industry.

We commit to ensure the transformational strategy and tactics that are facilitated are the very best for the customer to embrace and will yield measurable outcomes.

  Risk Management Philosophy

TACTIX recognizes the enterprise risk it undertakes as a supplier to, and advisor to, Associations and is committed to minimize such by being aware of the risks faced, by understanding the risk capacity and tolerance of customers, and by being accountable for a risk management strategy for each of the projects undertaken.

  Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

TACTIX shall practice corporate social responsibility by participating actively in our industry’s thought leadership, by engaging with the local community, and by limiting the environmental footprint caused by our activities.

  The Company Name TACTIX Leadership Inc.

The logo was inspired by Paul’s love of sailing and to reflect the market sectors that are the focus of the business.

Tac, “to tack” as in sailing is a manoeuvre in which the boat turns its bow through the wind. A sailboat like organizations often cannot go directly into the force of the wind before it stalls, it must tack, sometime many times, to make forward momentum.

Tix: is short form for ticket (admission), the permission to enter a performance or journey.

Tactics: is the science and art of organizing – the plans and means adopted in carrying out a scheme or achieving some end. Tactics are the immediate decisions we make in order to bring value to strategy that achieves ends.

Leadership, I believe is about telling your story and getting others to participate in bringing action to the moral, the ends “mission”, of that story.

TACTIX is the art of navigating the journey that brings value to strategy that achieves desired ends.

  Vision Statement

TACTIX is a respected leader in assisting organizations to achieve excellence.