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TACTIX works with organizations that are facing a perceived weakness or crisis.  We assist the Association’s leadership to design strategy, and implement the tactics for them to address their challenges.

  • Board members and practitioner volunteers do not have the time to commit to running the day-to-day activity of the Association, the economic times have forced them to  focus on the demands of their own organizations. They need professional help which we can provide.
  • Board members although they are experts in their industry, may not have the experience essential to governing an Association, thus they seek guidance which we can provide.
  • Associations must comply with increasingly complex governance expectations that keep Board and Staff functions separated, they need help with the hats they wear, we can assist.
  • Associations are a collection of individuals or organizations with diverse interests, consensus is difficult, our external help can facilitate collaboration by clarifying issues and strategic agendas.
  • Sometimes organizations lose their way, get frozen in their thinking, they get themselves into financial and other crisis, we can lead change initiatives.
  • External influences are growing in our “special interest state”, Associations, and others facing special interest group opposition to their projects need help to navigate these influences, we can assist.
  • Associations often are formed to be a collective voice, the complexity of influencers and decision makers is overwhelming and threatening, we can provide assistance to get their voice heard.
  • All Associations should plan for the future so they can deliver their mission, we can facilitate strategic issues, stakeholder engagement, or program evaluation and planning processes.
  • Organizations are made up of groups of people, and inevitably there is conflict and divergent views. We can assist them to understand and manage their conflict and to build leadership competencies.